Do you use Quantcast for your site?


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Not really, Google Analytics does it well enough for me. How does this system track the age, income, etc? Does it actually give you a survey when someone visits your site?


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IP is associated with a location, zip code which has average income salary, education level, number of people in a household, language speak, etc. You can find this based on the Census, etc.


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I use quantcast, and in fact, just got an email from them today saying that they are now using direct first-party cookies and third-party cookies, instead of just third-party cookies. They've changed the historical data to match the change in tracking methodology as well. Might be worth checking out, they say most statistics should go up!


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I use Google Analytics an and Stats Counter. I would like to try this on. Can someone point me to where I would have to place the code. I knew this but can't seem to remember where right now.



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Just an update that I no longer use it on my sites anymore. I have never got any advertisers asking about it since GA would be enough and I don't want to add extra js for little benefit.


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I use it to help me compile my media kit's statistics section more than anything else, and in that role, it's eminently useful.

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It loads async so it isn't really a load issue. While I can't claim advertisers from it I can't claim it has impacted anything negatively. Its nice to display on my company page, if nothing else.


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What are the benefits of using this? :)
Mostly to prove to other businesses or other expositions that you have this much traffic for the site.

I added it to my biggest website, MW3Blog, and E3 doesn't care about how much traffic your site has gotten. ****ing ridiculous.

I even showed them the lifetime traffic numbers and they don't care. It's stupid.
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