Do you plan to run XenForo beta live?

I will be using it live on for at least one new site, probably two. Neither will be open to the general public though - one is for a homeowners association and one is just for my friends and me to communicate privately. I have a third site I want to do as well but it will need production level code. I figure the other two sites will be a good way for me to learn the software - gotta walk before you run.


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If I could I would. I've seen very little bugs and the ones I discovered already got reported and most of them are already solved. Of course more bugs might pop up in the beta period, but it feels very stable and secure. The only thing holding me back is the lack of support from third party scripts that we can't live without. So XF will not run on a live but a test board for the next months. It's ok though, since this gives me the chance to get used to the ACP & also to prepare for the big board switch.


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Well after going through more deeply on Have you seen... threads, I have more or less decided to migrate my existing IPB site to XF (assuming VB import is available with Beta) and mark it Site Version 2 Beta till XF remains in beta.

There are some key features here on XF which I can wait to get on my community.


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No they wouldn't.

Chat is live, conversations aren't.

Conversations are limited to 5 participants (at present) and require invitations.
Chat is free for all to use as and when they want.

We often have 40-50 people in chat so a conversation involving that many people just isn't feasible or practical.
Irc is pretty cool...


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I have intentions on migrating. I am going to wait a bit though. Take some time to get a feel for the admin functionality, etc. It's not really the beta side of things that is slowing me down. The word "beta" is subjective anyways. One persons beta is another persons gold :confused:


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Now that we have re-arranged the forums a bit, I think this might be better in the general discussions forum, as opposed to presales.

presales -> general