What is the minimum requirement to run XenForo?


As above, I'm speaking of storage space, bandwidth, number of MySQL connections - not software requirements. These are usually specified by hosting companies on their packages. Unlimited options are tempting but based from my research, its seems these are not really true.

The reason I'm asking is that I am still in the process of selecting who would host my new forum site and what package to choose. This would be my first step before purchasing a license. I have limited budget (less than $1o/month) as the forum would be non-profit (at least for a year) and all expenses are from my pocket. The least expensive the better as long as it meets the requirements.

I am currently eyeing for a shared server and have shortlisted stablehost and siteground. But I'm not sure if the packages they offer are sufficient to run the forum. I envisage the forum to have about 50-100 members initially based from peers and invitation but expected to grow to 1000 in 6months to 1 year.

The forum would also allow for document uploads (pdf, doc, xls, jpg) and some video streaming but not frequent.
A new forum will work on the most basic of shared hosting, but bear in mind you typically get performance based on what you pay.
I used to run my site on a package which cost less than £5 per month.

Obviously as the site grows, you may need to consider upgrading.
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