Server minimum requirements plus FAQ


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I was looking around a little to find server requirement for xenforo 2.1 but could find any. Insufficient right stopped me to ask on threads touching that point. So I opened a new one.

As a newbe I'd like to suggest to update FAQ too, does not look to good having a 2011 tread pinned.


I'm looking for a new host and asked them if the Xenforo software will run on their servers. I sent them the system requirements. They emailed me back asking "what are common PHP functions"?

Could someone please explain to me what "common PHP functions" are so that I can reply to them?


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It's on the "purchase" page -

XenForo System Requirements
  1. PHP: 5.4.0+ (PHP 7.2.0+ recommended)
  2. MySQL: 5.5+ (MariaDB / Percona also compatible)
  3. PHP extensions: MySQLi, GD (with JPEG support), PCRE, cURL, SPL, SimpleXML, DOM, JSON, iconv, ctype
  4. Common PHP functions must not be disabled
Download the requirements test script.

Thanks but that does not cover all. I admit my questions are not that common, althoug I think a beginner in this line could use more like:
1.) A shared server will do?
2.) How much space should I have at least?
3.) How fast grows the data space allocation if I gain a 1000 users in 3 month

Thanks again ;)


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1 and 3 depend on the server and activity, so can't really be answered but XF does work fine on shared hosting, even the most basic.

A standard new installation of XF doesn't need more than 100MB so any host should easily suffice as far as that is concerned.