Do you allow movie and picture uploads?

Core Freedom

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I'm just trying to get some feedback from people about how their 'upload attachments' are set.

Right now I have the 'allow attachments' set to yes for members in the forums and to 'no' in XenMedio.So now people are placing movies in posts. Is there a way to disallow them to place movies in the posts but allow them to attach pictures?

How do others out there handle their attachment/movie permissions?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
How are they posting movies? Are they posting links to sites like Youtube? There is no option to disallow the posting of links. If it's something related to XenMedio then you will probably have to ask the author.

Core Freedom

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They're just posting it through the regular posts feature. The XenMedio option is turned off so they can't post through there. But ideally I also would like them not to post movies in regular posts. Hhhm. Gotta think how to handle this. It's gonne eat up server space in no time. :) Thanks, Jake.


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When they post through XenMedio or simply embed through bbcode the videos are hosted and served through whatever site they embed from.

i.e. youtube serves up the video and provides the bandwidth.