Do I need a SiteMap mod or Addon?


I am about to launch my forum. Do I need a sitemap for my forum (by way of addon, etc....) to help with indexing or is XF good to go stock in that regard?

Thanks. :)


Jeremy P

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Yeah, I heard that mod is awesome
I liked it, though running the cron entry manually from the ACP would come out a little screwy.

Eventually switched to XenUtiles to stop spam and I couldn't justify having a separate sitemap addon, but it worked incredibly well for the duration I used it. Better than XenUtiles' sitemaps.


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I've been trying to see if sitemaps have any positive or negative rating on SEO, but I think for the most part it is beneficial if you have allot of content that does not get indexed, through poor internal linking or similar. I have decided against using a sitemap, as most of the content I want indexed is being indexed, from what I can see.