Do I need a separate website and a forum?


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I am taking over a WordPress site (self hosted) that has a vBulletin forum (self hosted) on the backend. There is very little content on the Front End site, a blog, a few announcements and some ads.

I am considering upgrading to Xenforo and actually thinking I might not even need the WordPress Site. I could just host a few pages on the Xenforo based site.

Does this make sense?
It may be worth getting someone to help import the blog to a thread or article in xenForo depending on how valuable it is to you.

Any other Wordpress pages can be transferred to xenForo pages (html) or articles if you want comments/replies.

But it’s going to be simpler any way to drop the Wordpress and to install xenForo in the root
It's also trivial to make some html pages in the same web server that xenforo is running in, given that your forum is in a folder such as You can have an index.html file which is shown when someone visits
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