XF 1.2 do conditionals woork in .css templates?


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as the title says, and also what would be a global variable to get the forum id :)

OR atleast to work at forum_view and forum_list


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Yes, you can use conditionals in any template. However, unless the information you need is there, they most likely need some extra work (ie, setting information in the container).


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would it be very hard to get it working for the node's in forum list and forum view?

I want to add a background image to the nodes (different per node) pulled by node id

Chris D

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That is possible without conditionals.

When you're in a node, the forum ID of the node you're in and its parent nodes are class names attached to the <body tag.

<body class="node47 node22" style="">
With that in mind, if you want node 22 to have a different background, you can target it like this:

    background-color: red;
Just apply your background to your requirements. Nice and easy.