XF 1.3 Display user as staff - change de label/text on banner

Hello Guys,

Please, help me understand how is it happening and how can I change the label (text) on "Display user as Staff" property.

In the current scenario there is a user that have no other groups than "Registered" and have no special previlegies/tools, as you can see bellow:

The user in question is that one who help me a lot arranging some meetings, parties, events but he is not a "Moderator" in the forum even he doesn't wanna be one, so I'd like to recognize him as a "Staff Member", so I went do ACP > Users > [User name] and checked the "Display user as staff" option:

And in the banner bellow the user name where that banner supposed says "Staff member" there is another label saying "Moderador" wich means moderator in my language. I supposed it is a bug on language pack, so I'd like to change this to "staff member", where can I do that? I looked everywhere ACP and couldn't find it. All other configuration is correct, despite the label says moderator, he doesn't have any moderator's privileges/tools - that's right.

Thanks in advance!
Hey Amaury,

Thank you for your quick response!!!

I got there ACP > Home > Options > User Banners but there is no option to change the text, my goal is to change "Moderador" to "Staff Member" and there is no option to do this on User Banners configuration, I've tried everything, you know, unchecked it at all, and try each one individually:

Any other suggestion, I really searched everywhere :D



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That's not where the staff member styling is @Amaury ...

See the user_banners.css template.
Ah, forgot about that template.

But you can also change the styling here, can't you? It's just anything further would require editing that CSS template or using custom CS from how I learned.