Fixed Ignore link on moderators' profiles is visible if the option "Show user as staff" is unchecked


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-A regular member views the profile of a moderator who has "Show user as staff" enabled -> Ignore link is hidden
-A regular member views the profile of a moderator who has "Show user as staff" disabled -> Ignore link is visible, and when a member clicks on it, it changes to "Unignore", causing the member to think that they've successfully ignored the user (hidden moderator), but on page refresh it's gone back to "Ignore"

Is this as designed? It's confusing to members when hidden staff members' can seemingly be ignored, but the ignore setting doesn't stick.

I can understand how it might also be confusing if there was no Ignore link for such a hidden moderator, so am not exactly sure how to best work around it...


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It should also be noted that even though they're not ignored, as their content is visible, they still appear under account/ignored.


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So is this a bug, what is the wanted behavior here as of now? @@Mike, if I may ask you?

According to this (the link quotes Mike, but it's from 2012), hidden staff should be able to be ignored, so it seems like a bug, but would like a confirmation if this is being fixed in the next release? Or is it possible to give such a promise?

Thanks :]
The thread is currently open in the bugs forum and will be addressed in due course.

There is no need to bump it nor tag staff members.


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Fixed now, thanks. You can (partially) apply this by changing the following in library/Model/UserIgnore.php:
AND user.is_admin = 0 AND user.is_moderator = 0
AND user.is_staff = 0