XF 2.2 Display forum list on home page in XenForo Cloud


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Sorry in advance for this newbie question but for the life of me I can't figure out how to make the "Home" screen list the forums.

Currently, users have to click "Forum List" which takes them to /forums/-/list

When someone arrives at the main home URL I would like all forums to display there...

BTW I am using XenForo Cloud, not 2.2, but I had to select a prefix, so I chose 2.2..



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Currently, if I go to website.com (for example), "Home" or "Forums" display the most recent posts. The URL is always 'website.com' either way.

If I click on "Forum List", I am taken to website.com/forums/-/list where I see the list of forums.

It's a brand new site/install.


Chris D

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I have responded to your ticket but for the benefit of others

If you search the admin control panel in the top right corner for “Forums default page” and click the option that appears, select “Forum list” and save.

That should change the forum home to the forum list.