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Just noticed this now. The Dislike reaction hasn't been used until recently and this is what it looks like when it was:

Dislike reaction.png
This occurs both in the custom style and in the unmodified Xenforo default style.

All other reactions render properly and in the circle. The Dislike one lacks the circle and is distorted.

Is there a way to fix this or is it a bug that will have to await a version update?
How many ways are there to set it up? As far as I can recall, the only thing I did was upgrade to XF 2.x. I don't think I changed any of the default settings:

This is the only page I know where you can set up reactions:

Reactions settings.png

I've changed nothing there.

Are there any other settings that affect reactions?
We don't include the Dislike reaction by default. We include the icon for it, but we don't add it to the list of default reactions. So you have added it yourself.

If you can show us the settings you input for the Dislike reaction then I might be able to identify the issue.
Turn off sprite mode. You are not using sprites, you have specified the path to the single icon so you are not using a spritesheet.
Yes. The background size property is not needed as you're not using a spritesheet.

If you want to use the spritesheet and sprite mode you need to set it up like this:

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