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Just curious... why are Threads & Posts called Discussions & Messages on the main index page under each forum and also the forum statistics (sidebar) while everywhere else such as the sub-nav bar they are referred to as Threads & Posts? Shouldn't they all be called Threads & Posts?

By the way, I clicked the "Post New Thread" button to create this Discussion. ;-)

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Discussion and message are generic terms. A thread is a type of discussion. A post is a type of message.

Theoretically it would be possible to have different discussion types and different message types but this never really happened either in the core or via add ons.


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I think it's the story of XenForo's think different campaign. :p

But someday 'thread' may replace with 'topic' :D

I'm kidding but I can't understand British Software why used the thread term. The fact thread is an American English but Topic is an United Kingdom English. This may not true but thread or topic, there is no difference for me.


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A thread (i.e., "connection," "tie," "ligature," etc.) = a way of organizing written communication into a logical sequence. Its a developer's perspective on structured data.

Discussion is a reader's (end user's) perspective on the content of communication.

Discussion is a poor term as it implies communicating content by way of argument which is but one type of content creation.

A topic would be a fitting way for both the developer and the end user to designate distinct initiatives of communication.
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