XF 1.3 Discussion / Message counts not updating

I've tried running the cron entries manually from the Admin CP and I'm sure that's worked previously but no longer. Updated to 1.3 and still no luck. Should I be looking for something else ?


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I'd run the file health check to make sure everything is ok there. But are the tasks showing their next run date in the past? Any server error logs?

You also seem to imply that running it manually is failing. Is it erroring? If it says it run successfully, then it should have done whatever work was directly attached to it.
File health check reports all ok.

The tasks all look like they're due to run in the next 24 hours at staggered times. They're still not updating though. I have a buynch of server error logs but they seem to be unrelated, (mostly timeouts and unconnectable to gravatar or recaptcha, timeouts etc)

Each one I run manually says it was successful, but my post counts on the front page are definitely still incorrect and haven't changed for a long time.


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If the times are in the future, the cron scripts are running.

That would imply that an add-on is interfering, so I would disable all add-ons. Then, I would rebuild thread and forum information and run the board total counters update.