XF 1.1 disabling plugin gives error - how to back up


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Hi there -

First off it's been awhile since I had done anything with my forum and have slowly been trying to get back into it since getting back from Afghanistan. With that said I have encountered a few issues.

I had the Xenfarjadad donation plugin on my server and it pretty much just no longer work and today I went to disable it and when I did I realized that this would then cause a 500 error on my site. I then turned the plugin off from its option and tried again and still no luck. I am afraid to delete the thing as I would not have the skill necessary to fix some coding issues.

Has anyone heard of this issue? have any suggestions?

Lastly, is there a simple way to back up the DB and just do a clean reinstall of xenforo and start again?

Thank you.

Attached are the current plugins I have installed - I am trying to remove most of them and update things as neccessary.



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There is no easy way of cleaning the database of add-ons while preserving content.

If you uninstall the add-on, remove any associated files from the server and revert any template edits, that should be sufficient.

Take a backup first though just in case.

One other option would be to globally disable listeners, but that would affect all add-ons.


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Thanks brogan, do you have any idea of why disabling an addon would take the entire site down though? that seems so odd to me ... Im afraid to delete this thing now