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Disable Styles Via Admin

Dan Allen

Active member
How can the generation styles through admin be disabled?

I don't like the relationships enforced among elements in the styles generated through admin. For instance, I need to change the forum names from red to black, and it is a big hassle. Another hassle is I don't want predefined color palette elements tied to screen elements. If there are three screen elements colored @primarylighter, I want to be able to change that without learning this system of styling. I already know a goo system for styling (css). This system has constraints I don't want.





Well-known member
You can edit the CSS templates directly. Instead of "Style Properties", go to the "Templates" admin page, and search for the CSS file you need to change. Then modify it to remove those "constraints" that are giving you a headache.

Dan Allen

Active member
I thought changes to the style sheets would be overidden when templates are recalculated or upgrades installed. If that false?

Yea the the relationships that I call constraining, is there something about them I an overlooking?

Dan Allen

Active member
I bet there is a better solution than what I was asking about earlier?

Let's say there was a good reason to make the two items marked in this picture have different colors. What would be the best way to do that in XF?



XenForo developer
Staff member
In the end, it's just HTML and CSS so you would need to approach it in whatever your "standard" way is. You'd probably identify the link you want to change in the HTML, apply an extra class to it and then add CSS to change it the way you want.


Well-known member
You'll need to add individual rules for those links, like this:
.navTabs .navTab.selected .tabLinks a[href="watched/forums"] { color: white; }
.navTabs .navTab.selected .tabLinks a[href="watched/threads"] { color: red; }

Dan Allen

Active member
Is the an easy way to find which template is the one that has the element I need to add a class to? Not for this example, but in general. That is my biggest problem with the templates: finding the one with the element I need edit.