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XF 1.5 Disable "scroll to last unread post" feature

Dear Friends,

I searched across the forum but I did not find an answer to my question.

Is it possible to disable the feature "scroll to last unread post" when entering a thread? I find it a bit annoying, because when the users visits an already visited thread, the start of the thread is showed, and the user begins to read something or to scroll down.

Then, a couple of seconds later, the automatic scroll happens, and it is very frustrating when you are already scrolling or reading.

I mean, in my forum, the automatic scroll to the last post is a little bit delayed. Maybe my forum is not right configured...

is it possible to disable it?

thanks you in advance...


XenForo developer
Staff member
I can't say I've had any delay, though it could be possible with a slow connection. But to change that would really require editing various link that link to "/unread" to not do that. I'd say that'll be a net negative for your users though.