Not a bug 'Report' post feature sometimes not working

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I've got an unusual bug with the latest release of XenForo, which has been spotted by both users of my forum and now myself, but it's a bit random. On PHP 7.4 and MySQL 5.7.

Sometimes when a member goes to 'Report' a post they find that, no matter what they put in the 'Report Reason' box, it will instead return this:

Oops! We ran into some problems.
Please enter a title that is at most 80 characters long.
The message won't go away, no matter how long or short the 'reason' you type. But oddly I can go to other threads and report posts just fine, so it's quite random and I've no idea why. This only started to occur after the most recent release.
Please enter a title that is at most 80 characters long. I did a phrase search for Please enter a title and only one hit was returned: please_enter_title_using_only_alphanumeric_dot, so I don't think this is a XenForo bug, most likely from an add-on.

I also just searched phrase titles with please_enter_title and 4 hits were returned, none matching the phrase text you mentioned. Trying searching your phrases and see what comes up.
Hmm my add-ons are:

[tl] Thread title limitation 1.0.1
XenForo Importers 1.4.0
XenForo Redirects for vBulletin 1.1.7

I disabled [tl] Thread title limitation 1.0.1 and the issue went away, so I'll report that.
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