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XF 1.4 Direct search link?


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In vBulletin I had an option to perform a full search with a link, without filling a search form.
For example, I want to search for:
without entering any information into search form. How can I do this in XenForo?

Thank you for your help.


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@Mike, quick question about Resources only search. I'm trying to use this:

This returns all Forum and Resources results. How can I return only the Resource results?
Also, is there a better/more compact format of the above query (i.e. instead of keywords=, use k=)?

Thanks for your help, everyone.
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XenForo developer
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In this case, I'm not sure where the t/o/c values are coming from. They're not submitted with the search; they're for the form itself.

You can look at Chrome's network tab to see the values that are submitted:
keywords: test
child_categories: 1
order: relevance
type: resource_update
(You can omit some of those, certainly the blank ones.)


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@Mike, I apologize for my lack of knowledge. Is this the proper way to see the options in Network?


I can't seem to find anywhere your posted variables (i.e. type: resource_update).