Banned Me For No Reason???

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I was a member of for a while now but with just a few post. Just yesterday i was banned till august 31 for rules violation? I cannot find what rules i broke! The only discussion i could of think of was i made a post about why we allow google to dominate the game and a rep for started to make degrading comments towards me for posting that questing.

It got even worst when i said that personally i think google is a monopoly and all about control. The whole debate turned into whether i know what a monopoly is even thought they, Google was being sued for monopoly on many levels and from many agencies, individual as well as Europe.

I did not insult anyone but stated my opinions and findings. So from what i understand, admins and moderators do not allow free speach and will ban your account for no reason if they don't like you. This action forced me to research more about and to my suprise they are alot to know about this comapny and shady ways.

I tried to contact the admin or staff but there are no contacts available which makes me even more suspicious. There contact link at the bottom takes you to twitter (their page) where you still cannot contact them about anything unless they are following you.

I would like to have my account removed please! I don't even care anymore why i was banned. Here are some things i found about

This is crazy! if i did not get banned, or posted some information i would not gotten banned and i would not have taken the time to contact them or do a search on

Seems like a lot of scamming going on. There are other alternatives and i really don't mind getting ban for speaking the truth and eventually saving me from getting scammed. One member got scammed, the scammer report the person the was scammed and DigitalPoint banned the victim SMH.

This is absolutely ridiculous and i would like to take the temporary banning a bit further and have them remove my account completely.

Be Safe!
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