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Digital Point User Map

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I believe it's in the .js file... If you remove this from it, I think that would do it...

f=new google.maps.InfoWindow({content:'<a href="'+window.location.href+"GoogleEarth/"+(window.location.href.indexOf("?")>0?"&":"?")+"location="+a+","+c+'">View&nbsp;in&nbsp;Google&nbsp;Earth</a>'});
That worked, I removed. :)

, f=new google.maps.InfoWindow({content:'<a href="'+window.location.href+"GoogleEarth/"+(window.location.href.indexOf("?")>0?"&":"?")+"location="+a+","+c+'">View&nbsp;in&nbsp;Google&nbsp;Earth</a>'})
Hmmm sessions with the server or XenForo sessions? For my arcade I have my timeout set at 1 hour which increases the 'active' users but I notice the map does reflect the same :)
It's definitely XenForo sessions... the only limiting factor we put on it is we don't take more than 5,000 (a zillion pins on the map can do bad things to your browser's JavaScript engine).

Also, back to your other question about historical geographic movement for a specific user is something I plan on building down the road, but it's more for mod/admin use for tracking down spammers that bounce around on proxies.
That would be fantastic but also consider that some people just love metrics and seeing hits from countries build overtime is cool, for some anyway :p

Regarding the XenForo sessions, I'm showing say 150 active but I'm only getting 15 plot points on the map, that's why I thought it was on real concurrent and no xf sessions. :)
Having trouble getting this mod to work. I have mod_geoip installed but it still throws the error "The Geo IP PHP extension is not installed." Am I missing another plugin elsewhere?
php was restarted. in phpinfo() all that shows up is apache2handler -> Loaded Modules -> mod_geoip

there are no other mentions of it
If it's installed/loaded properly, you should see something like this within your phpinfo..

ah ok, yeah that is totally missing. I think I need an edit to php.ini somewhere but I can't do that. Thanks dude.
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