Add-on is there a need for a xenforo usermap different to digital point?


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these days I've developed an usermap that's different to digital point's map because I can't install the required GeoIP PHP extension on my managed server.

My extension reads the user's location from the profile.

Here you can see two versions of my map:


- this is a map that displays every user on the map

- this is a map that groups users on the map and if you click on one of that clusters, it displays the users on that location. this is very userful for performance if you have a huge amount of users on your map.


tell me if there is a need for this extension. If so, I'll complete my code to work as an installable xf extension.

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Yes please. Been using the old member map add-on which needs people to add themselves, so automatic would be so much nicer!
Would it be possible to show only the users who have been online in the last x months? x can be set by admin.

So the map will not show to much dead or inactive members.