Difference of having branding and not?


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SO I want to buy the software but I want to know if there is any point in buying the branding taken off add on? Like is it only stuck at the bottom of the page? Or is it super visible?


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The footer is a little different on this site but the copyright is the same.

Everything below the copyright on this site, you will not have.

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Below is another example from a hobby forum I'm a member of. The branding isn't much. When I get my forum going, I'm going to leave the branding. I don't mind something like that and it's a common practice. Why not let others know about good software?

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I meant the Xenforo main suite. Didn't even notice the add-on reference, but now that you mention it, what don't you like about that add-on?
That author is a known hacker and thief, they are actually banned from here as well.
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