XF 2.1 Difference in functionality when using the search function


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We've just switched our forum to XenForo and so far so good! We're running into an interesting issue in which a 'Registered' user performs a search on a word and only gets exact matches in the results. However, when I, as an 'Administrator', perform the search, I also get results in which the word is a partial word. For example, for 'time' I would also get a result on 'timeless'. This is actually the behaviour that I'd expect for all users.

I noticed that if I log out and use the same search query as before (the URL would be /search/60/?q=time&o=date in both cases), I get the same exact search results as the 'Registered' user. How is this possible?

I've looked through the settings and did some googling but I'm unable to find out what the issue is without digging into the XenForo codebase.



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It works fine for me - searching for 'grad' as a guest shows results for graden and grad.

I suspect when you are logged in the search is also covering forums which guests don't have access to, so the results are different.


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That's not the case for the results that I as an administrator get and the results that the user gets. He should literally see results in which the term is a partial match to a word in one or his posts


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Then I'm baffled by the difference. I verified that we both have access to a specific node that yields partial matches for me but only exact matches for the user