XF 2.1 Solution for the search function of xenforo 2.1

Currently I am using xenforo 2.1, but the functionality I find in the search is not as effective as when using xenforo 1, typically when I search for three-word keywords like owl, cat (both words like the cat, the dog) or characters [] - like asm-100-ew or eg from deadpool but in my site there are deadpols or deadpools .... in xenforo 1 still gives results (or results similar results), but when update to xenforo 2 the keywords under 3 words are almost disabled and cannot be searched, can I ask if there is an addon or there is a way to fix and optimize the function of Xenforo 2's search?


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The search concept in XF 1 and 2 are largely similar, so there shouldn't be any significant result differences. I can only guess that you may have had an add-on in XF1 that changed the behavior or used a different search system.
Thank you, I am wondering that addon is dangerous to security be cause it requies information to to the database and localhost, as I just new to this addon so I have a little question, I hope you can can solve this for me.