XF 2.2 Using the censor function to replace abbreviations?


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Hi, so we meet this interesting reality on our musicians forum, where dozens of abbreviations are used by our members to refer to music samples libraries. But many members can't figure out what products they are talking about.

So for example someone may write about LASS. Or CSS. It may take a while to figure out that they are talking about LA Studio Strings (by Audiobro), or Cinematic Studio Strings (by Cinematic Studio Series).

Besides the confusion (yes, people can ask), you have the issue with the SEARCH function. If only having abbreviations, those threads then become invisible to the SEARCH. If only abbreviations are used, LA Studio Strings or Cinematic Studio Strings are left out of the search results.

I'm not confident we can cover 100% of all the abbreviations perfectly. But would it be possible to replace - for example - LASS (including a space before and after the abbrev) with "LASS (LA Studio Strings)?"

FINALLY: could the censoring be limited to only the thread titles?

Any idea? Suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

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