1. 021

    [BS] Regex censor 1.0.0

    .features: Regex Step regex
  2. Jwrbloom

    XF 1.5 Blank space at the end of a Censored word...

    I'd like to be able to add a blank space at end of certain Censored words. When I try to do that, it's eliminated when I hit save. For example: I'd like to censor 'ass ' with a space vs. 'ass'. If I'm calling you an ass , it's different than saying assist, associate, assistant, etc. Am I...
  3. farang

    [fgX] Advanced Censoring [Deleted]

    farang submitted a new resource: [fgX] Advanced Censoring - Censoring posts using regular expressions. Helps prevent spam. Read more about this resource...