MG 1.1 demo, media blocks not shown when set to random? work when set to new...


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Created a demo and trying the media gallery tonight.

Uploaded a few dozen test photos to the Media section.

Under Blocks Options, if I set Recent Media Order to New, and location set to top, bottom, and side, the media blocks display on the forum homepage.
If I set Recent Media Order to Random, the blocks disappear from the forum homepage.

Why does this happen?

Chris D

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We use a fairly complicated process to generate a list of random media and this involves some level of caching. This most certainly works better when there's a reasonable amount of data in the gallery. The reason we do this is to ensure that a) we are showing a truly random selection of media and b) to avoid chronic performance degradation by doing the random selection using MySQL on the fly.

General advice is to stick with "New" media until there's a good 20-50 items, then switch to "Random" at which point should be more reliable.


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Ah, OK. Thank you. I've added more test photos to my demo now and the Random block is now working as it should. Thank you!