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Fixed Deleted usernames not showing into Conversations list

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member

Here is a quick patch to ensure that it uses the old name from the master even if the user record doesn't exist:


Add the red code:

Rich (BB code):
	public function getConversationsForUser($userId, array $conditions = array(), array $fetchOptions = array())
		$whereClause = $this->prepareConversationConditions($conditions, $fetchOptions);
		$sqlClauses = $this->prepareConversationFetchOptions($fetchOptions);

		$limitOptions = $this->prepareLimitFetchOptions($fetchOptions);

		$sql = $this->limitQueryResults(
				SELECT conversation_master.*,
					conversation_master.username AS username,
					conversation_recipient.recipient_state, conversation_recipient.last_read_date
					' . $sqlClauses['selectFields'] . '
				FROM xf_conversation_user AS conversation_user
				INNER JOIN xf_conversation_master AS conversation_master ON
					(conversation_user.conversation_id = conversation_master.conversation_id)
				INNER JOIN xf_conversation_recipient AS conversation_recipient ON
					(conversation_user.conversation_id = conversation_recipient.conversation_id
					AND conversation_user.owner_user_id = conversation_recipient.user_id)
				LEFT JOIN xf_user AS conversation_starter ON
					(conversation_starter.user_id = conversation_master.user_id)
					' . $sqlClauses['joinTables'] . '
				WHERE conversation_user.owner_user_id = ?
					AND ' . $whereClause . '
				ORDER BY conversation_user.last_message_date DESC
			', $limitOptions['limit'], $limitOptions['offset']

		return $this->fetchAllKeyed($sql, 'conversation_id', $userId);
You may want to apply the same change to the getConversationsForUserByIds() function.