Fixed Delete removes two characters when editing posts containing emojis

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There is some strange bug in the text editor. When I'm editing posts containing emojis, delete removes two characters. If there are no emojis in the message, delete works as it should.

I'm not sure if this happened before, I've discovered it in RC3.

Chris D

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Do you mean actual emojis from your device keyboard, or do you mean smilies inserted via the editor menu?

Either way it's not something I can reproduce here so can you provide details of the device/browser you're using and some more specific reproduction steps?


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I mean actual emojis from the Windows 10 Touch keyboard.

Device: PC, Browsers: Firefox/Edge.

1. Create post with some text and emojis
2. Click 'Edit'
3. Try deleting text - it will remove two characters every time you press Delete.

It seems sentences without emojis are not affected.


Testing here... 🙂 Edit: Bug confirmed.


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The fix for this has been rolled out here. Please let us know if you can still reproduce it or if you run into any other editor issues.


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OK, where is the fix? I don't see any update.

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