Design issue Delete Post - Mod Loophole

Affected version


If a Content Mod has "Delete posts" (soft) disabled, they're still able to delete posts.

They first have to "unapprove" a post.
Then if they go to the "approval queue" there's a "delete" option.

I'm still on Xenforo 2.0.10, so maybe this was already fixed, but I wanted to post in case it wasn't.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This is more of a design issue than anything.

It’s fairly unusual for a moderator to have approve/unapprove capabilities but not deletion - after all you’re already trusting them with the task of changing the visibility of posts, even giving them the decision making ability as to whether unapproved content should be made visible or kept invisible.

So ultimately by giving them those permissions you are kind of implying they are able to delete content.

Of course doing it in that way would really be seen as an absuse of their powers which is really the crux of the issue and something you would have to manage yourself - either by using a metaphorical stick or making the decision that they can’t be trusted with the permissions they’ve been given.