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Dont know it is bug or i miss something but i see problem with posting, user posted Today at 11:40 AM and i see this just before 1 hours ago???

Will check it again, when i posted thread like admin its visible instantly, also i registered myself with new nick name and post thread and is visible instantly.Any ideas what is this.Like i am said not sure it is bug or my mistake.I will notice you if this problem continues.


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user registered todey at 11:40 AM and post thread which is visible for me before 1 hours ago and now its 21:00??

Installed Add-ons - Auto Link Titles 1.0.9
s9e Media Pack 201403210
[bd] Widget Framework 2.4.8
[Extra] Portal 1.2.2
[rellect] Nodes Grid 1.0.3


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I'm still not sure what you're reporting. It's possible that the post had to go through manual moderation (which could happen based on spam criteria) and someone else approved it. Otherwise, there's nothing in the system that delays the display of a thread or a post.


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No i just open forum only couple registered user no moderators, i will see in that, thanks for support, i try register user from other computer and IP and try post