Deferred Registration for problematic accounts


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Currently when a user registers an account with problematic details then you can only accept or deny.
An account may have a temp email domain, problematic name, problematic profile fields, website link that conflicts with the rules.
Deleting the account is a waste if the person has legit intentions. All that is needed is that the users fixes up their account.
We get such registration many times per day. However, in default xenforo functionality you can only delete these users. There is no oppertunity for the user to fix it.

This can be solved by adding functionality and a user state to defer registration. Instead of deleting or approving a problematic account, defer it.
On Users Awaiting Approval (/admin.php?users/moderated), staff members would be able to select options like:
  1. Deferred Registration: disallowed email domain
  2. Deferred Registration: problematic username
  3. Deferred Registration: problematic profile field / url

The user would get an email information them of the issue that needs to be corrected and how to resolve this.
The deferred state would allow us to display a notice with the same instructions.
Once the user edits the relevant account section, the account goes back into moderation.


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Additionally it would be nice if addons could easily hook into this. There can be various things that you would want a user to resolve before registering. For example reply to a ticket from a Tickets addon.