XF 1.5 Default "home" screen

When someone goes to my forum at http://mydomain.com/forum they are greeted unceremoniously with "you must be logged in to do that" and a login screen.

While I'm all for a login screen, is there some way to modify that action to be a little more user friendly?

I tried creating 1 forum (out of many) that is readable by unregistered users thinking that might display if it is available - it didn't.

How can I make that 1 particular forum display or change that default page? Thanks.


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To adjust the text, you could modify the login_required phrase. Alternatively, you could look at adding a notice for guests.

To allow a single forum to be visible, you need to ensure guests have the general view permission. You'll then need to remove access to all the other nodes individually (revoke the view node permission from them).
Thanks, @Mike

Can I trouble you to tell me how to modify the login_required phrase? I don't see that in the options and with the underbar it sounds a little more behind the scenes (which is fine, I don't mind getting my hands dirty.)

That permissions help is also what I needed, I missed that before.


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Modifying a phrase is straightforward and roughly equivalent to changing a template. In the ACP, Appearance > Phrases > use the filter for "login_required" > click the result > edit the "phrase text" (not the title) to suit your needs. (I believe you should be able to use HTML here, though this isn't always true.)