XF 2.0 "default backend - 404" after installing Resource Manager


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EDIT: FIXED! As soon as I posted this it seems to be working fine now. It must be something to do with the DNS propagation because it's a brand new site. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time.

My new install seems to work fine as far as the forum goes. (2.0.9)

Everything was going fine, until I installed the Resource Manager addon. (2.0.3)

Now, I can access my Administration area just fine. But when I click on any links on the sidebar (only in the Admin area), I get a page that says "default backend - 404"

I attached a screenshot to illustrate. I tried searching to see if this was a common problem, but can't seem to find anything about it.

Can anyone give me some pointers to solve this problem?

I'm using my hosts file to reach my brand new site because the DNS is not fully propagated yet. So maybe this is an issue.

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