Add-on Dead link checker


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Over the years (or even decades) forums accumulate a mass of dead links. Dead links are kryptonite for SEO and usability.

I'd like an automatic script to check the validity of all external links.
If a dead link is encountered, then the post should be reported to the moderator of that forum, with the suited details about the link. This will allow the moderators to clean up all dead link issues.


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It's pretty important to have dead links reported to the relevant moderator trough the report center. Admins of small sites might be able to manage dead links themselves, but for medium to large sites the number of dead links quickly grow into thousands or tens of thousands. There is no way that such numbers are manageable through the admin panel. Such tasks need to be divided amongst moderators, so they can edit every post with a dead link.


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I wrote code to automatically convert linked images to attachments. It would be nice if this function was a core feature with an option to enable or disable it by the admin.
Could you elaborate or share a link to that, I would really like to use it.