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[DBTech] Preview Last Post

[DBTech] Preview Last Post 1.0.0

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DragonByte Tech

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DragonByte Tech submitted a new resource:

[DBTech] Preview Last Post - Hover over "last post date" in the thread list to see a preview!

Preview Last Post from DragonByte Tech is a modification designed to create hover-over preview to the "last post date" in the thread list when viewing a forum.


Want to get a hint regarding what the last post of a thread said, without marking the thread as read? Simply mouse over the date of the last post, while browsing a forum!

Complete Feature List

  • Mouse over last post date in thread list to see a preview of the post
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I realize your company is here to make money, and completely understand that fact.

It is great to see you release this for free, when you could have just as easily slapped a $2.99 tag on it. I really appreciate that.

Best of luck with your 2.0 modifications.