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I'm searching someone who can create a dating add on.
I have a forum about relationships but i want my users to search profiles on gender, age, etc.
Is there anyone out there that can make this?



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Someone should update that add-on lol. I know I can go the long hard way about it, but we do need an update :p

I know he did the add-on and wanted donations. Unfortunately due to country restrictions he wasn't able to receive anything from me. This might explain why it was abandoned. I hope another developer doesn't view it as stepping on toes. A new add-on would be very appreciated.


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If you state exactly what you need, then I am sure that a developer will respond to this thread.
So in other words: what does a dating addon need to do for you?

Do you want a tiled memberlist, with widgets?
If yes, then what do you want to display on a tile and on hover? (sex, age, location, registration date, etc)
Do you need dating specific profile fields?
Do you need profile widgets related to dating?
Do you need profile field search?
Do you need a function for users to define what kind of date they are looking for? Should this be displayed on profiles?
Do you need a function to show 'your matches' to the user?
Do you need a dating entrance portal like the more popular dating sites have.
Do you need a function to send interests (similar to friends)?
Do you need paid membership and related usergroup benefits? If yes, which?


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These are the features that i would like to see happen:

*search on profile, gender... see example, with new profile page (bigger photo's)

maritial status
length between this and that
Body type
Believe: catholic, jew...
On how many kids
Smoking/not smoking
On do you drink?
On profile with or whithout image

*possibility to add photos
*possibility for premium membership with paypal--> add more photo's, more space, more search capibilities
*Tiled memberlist with all the different users in it
*I need a need a dating entrance portal
*Must be easy translated

These are the ones popping in my head


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I am going to redo my addon and repost it for $ 15-20 . Hopefully by mid-January .
There will be a search for additional fields in a little more than a pretty appearance, 1.4.3 compatibility, more options and bug fix.
If you have any suggestions , fell free to write them and I will include them as much as possible