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I need something that will search under a specific table, and under 2 ( or more? ) specific columns.
Under the table xf_user_profile, column steam_auth_id.
If a result is matched ( can be only one ) it will redirect the user which searched for the value to a page in xenforo ( I will fill that in )
Thanks for any help!
Do you have any code to start with? That would be really great. Do you know about controllers, listeners, sql queries? If not actually you would need someone to write you all this.
I know about SQL queries, a bit about the former two though.
No code at all, sadly.
I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with that
You really need to be more specific what your script should do. Is it a user search as a user searches for "banana"? Will the search be executed from xenforo itself, and if yes when, and how does xenforo knows the value it should search for?
Okay so, I need/want a page where a user would type a value. The value differs from banana to apple to pear to orange and etc. If a user searches for banana, then instead of searching ( like google ) it will redirect them to a page. To make it more specific, each user has his own fruit and it's never the same. A user searches for banana and lets say the user id 7 has this value then it will direct them search(er) to the this user.
Example: Type in TheEpicCat and you'll get directed to a page.
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