Database for Joomla and Xenforo

Hello forum,

I'm a rookie in building website. I do like Joomla and Xenforo. I would like to know if I need to install both of them with same database or I should use different ones? I'm planning to integrate both of them later on, by using a bridge or any other ways.

Any of the options (same or separate) should be fine.

Be warned:
  1. As of today there's still no bridge solution between XF and J!
  2. When choosing hosting: Joomla is much more resource hungry then XF.
Thank you @goyo ! I have to use CMS+Blog+Forums on one of my sites, I think I have to go for vB at the moment.
If XF out of the the picture (which is shame, because it beats other options when it comes to forums) I would still consider a native Joomla component INSTEAD of vB.
Namely EasySocial (and EasyDiscuss if you still need a forum...although EasySocial alone should be really depends what type/kind of community you want to build...)

ps. I've used all the mentioned scripts and their combinations on several sites...I speak from experience...all of the paid and free vB/Joomla bridges require additional hacking and design changes...even then the solution is very resource hungry and doesn't provide a smooth experience for your future users.