XF 2.2 Chevereto and XenForo?


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I want to get Chevereto upload to work on my XenForo install. According to Chevereto is should work out of the box as long as you add a simple code to XF.

I'm not sure where to add the code or how it functions. It sounds like it will automatically add a new upload button to the gallery and/or the editor on posts.

This is from the settings on my Chevereto hosted site:
Copy and paste the plugin code into your website HTML code (preferably inside the head section).

Have anyone got Chevereto running on their site and, which head section does the code refer to?
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Put the code between the head tags in the PAGE_CONTAINER template.

I don't know what Chevereto is though so can't confirm it will work.
Seems to work, thanks.

Chevereto is a self hosted image script.
There is also an add-on for Chevereto integration, not sure if you tested that one? :)

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