Cut out "Help" on breadcrumbs


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On my stripped XF version site one component I've stripped is Help.
But it's showing as a link in the Breadcrumbs bar on the Contact Us page.

How can I stop that tab displaying on the breadcrumbs bar?
The links DD provided may help...

But actually there's a simple code edit that will work. Not ideal... but it's quick and easy.

Open the following file:


Remove the small bit of code in red (including the comma):

Rich (BB code):
return $router->getRouteMatch('XenForo_ControllerPublic_Misc', $routePath, 'help');

This is the "major section" parameter. It controls which tab will be selected. Equally you could change it to any other word such as "forums" or "members". Any other tab ID.
Thanks Chris - I p[robably didnt do it right as the tab just disappeared but that's fine for what I need.

DigDoc I know the Help is still there so's a lot of other stuff if you know the links from knowing XF. It's just commented out or disabled from view.
But for the low expertise users this site generally gets thats not a problem. They have a hard enough time finding something I put right under their nose!
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