XF 1.1 customize filter options "whats new" for different forums


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I have one XF installation with several diffeent forums in it. The users of these forums are not that much interested about what is going on in the other forums. But some users do.

If the users use the "whats new?" button, they get alle the postings too, which they are not interested in. There is no filter per forum.

I am looking for a hack to offer my users a way to check boxes per forum available so that they can choose out of which forums this "whats new" is getting the information. Like a filter. This could be only one out of 20 forums. But it could be also 3 forums out of 20.

Usergroup permissions for specific forums seems not work, since some of those users would like to see also other forums and new registrations have at the beginning no clou what could be the most interesting for them.

Does anybody knows how to to this? I would also be willing to pay for this, if this is not possible in an easy way.