XF 2 Custom User Upgrade Page

Do you figure it out ?
It looks amazing ! I think maybe over the extra.less and a html container.
i made pretty amazing animations for my forum on the welcome header with such codes.

I will try that out the next weeks when im having a little bit time for it.
Maybe this is what you are looking for

You might like this add-on from @BassMan
You might like this add-on from @BassMan
Yeah, i have all of his stuff. I am a premium member on his customizexf site. I havent tried it.. but I could give it a go haha.. Im not the best in web development much less Xenforo. I just started using this about a week ago
Went to visit on my phone... If you are a member of that you may want to let them know that Verizon is flagging it.

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