XF 2.0 Custom user fields [hidden for users]



Maybe its out there somewhere but i can't find it so i will ask here.....
i have made a section

But i want this to be hidden for normal users and that only admin can see this.....
And i mean not though the admin panel but just on the forum.....

So my members can enter there Steam ID and only admin team or the user itself can see his own ID but others will not
Is it possible to make this happen ?

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Natively no, but you can probably edit the templates and use conditional statements to get it to display only to certain user groups.
I don't use 2.x currently so not sure what would be involved in that, but some resources to use are here for 1.x line - not sure if they work with 2.x:

Some "unofficial" 2.x related ones (meaning that the guide is not by staff) can be found here:

If you have other custom user fields it may be a little more difficult - you will probably have to wait for developers or staff to chime in.