Custom urls of topics

Hi. I saw demo of xenForo. In SEO options in administrative panel I didn't find option that allow to set custom urls for forums and topics.

I need to do:
- forum urls like this:
- forum pages urls like this:
- topic urls like this:
- topic pages urls like this:

Custom urls options available in vbSEO and, for example, in Wordpress.

Will you do this options in your forum or maybe I can use some add-ons for it?


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I believe there are add-ons that can do this sort of thing... at least some of it. No idea which one though. Someone will link you.

Jake Bunce

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There are two configurable options for URLs.

1) Friendly URLs. That removes index.php from the URL:

2) Content titles. You can choose to remove the titles:

There are no configurable options to match the URL formats you posted. Why is it important to have those exact formats?