Lack of interest Automatic moving of topics based on pre-fix

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Sal Collaziano

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Many of my forums have a "lounge" or "general discussion" area for off-topic discussions. For some reason many people post there instead of the forum related to their message. I'd like to force the user to select a pre-fix in order to post their message - and have the system move that post to a pre-specified forum based on their choice.

If you can get this going and have it ready by Monday, I'd appreciate it. :p
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On the note of the suggestion, I'd suggested it once before, and Snog's add-on has mostly met the need.
I still think it's too bad that XF is missing so many features that are basic core features in other softwares, but really can't complain if a free add-on does the trick. But nevertheless, you have my upvote. :)