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I am going to offer complete XenForo board Installation/Upgradation service. This are my services features:

  1. XenForo Installation/Upgradation Service
  2. Addon installation
  3. Theme Installation
  4. Nodes/Usergroup/Forum Permission setup + Creation
  5. Can do management of unmanaged Server/VPS
  6. Custom addons
  7. Custom styling

If you have any question feel free to ask me. And if you are interested in my services just drop me a PM.
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Mark T

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Needed help getting a style issue resolved. Posted a request in the forums here, and JustinHawk responded.

Needless to say, one hour of his work and he pulled off something that took me many hours to not figure out prior.

A time saver, and a deft xenforo tweaker.

Thank you!
I used JH today to discuss my new web board configuration, setup, thread strategy, etc. He is amazingly fast, and within minutes had several examples of me to review, discuss, etc., this guy moves like greased lightning. He even went and installed some cool addons which I didn't know about. Highly recommended. I will keep him by our side.
Justin has improved my board 1000% in a very short amount of time, fixed some longstanding persistent issues, and he works fast and efficiently. He doesn't just do what he's told and stop there, he has the knowledge to make improvements I hadn't even thought of. Can't recommend him enough.
wow,I have hired this guy(Justin)and he is amazing.He did solve my problem very fast.Also i have asked him to do few more extra customization which we did not consider before i hired him and he did all these without any question.I defiantly would suggest people to hire him.
I am so pleased. I hired six developers over the past year to accomplish a task on my discussion board that was needed to make it truly user-friendly and efficient, as well as easier for me to moderate. The other five could not do what was needed, even though they advertised Xenforo expertise. JustinHawk accessed my computer remotely, added the feature I needed, tested it, and tweaked a few other features to improve performance. He succeeded where all the others failed, all for a very reasonable fee and in record time. I highly recommend JustinHawk!
Thankyou ever so much!

I hired Justin to help me out with some badges on my page, he then also found a few extra things on my site that needed to be done and did them without any problems at all! He was very fast he completed all the work that i needed doing within no time at all. I defiantly would suggest people to hire him.
What a pleasure to work with. Knew exactly what I was after, got it done really quickly. I wish all other developers I have worked with over the years are so professional and responsive.

I can recommend Justin without hesitation. As good as they get!