XF 1.1 Custom Profile fields not working


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This is on imported fields from VB 3.7 to XF 1.1.

Fields which imported are showing up. But a member just tried to edit hers and add more to a field where you press ctrl and click a selection list. It had nop effect.
I did it for her in admincp and what I saw was a successful result. However she was on the phone to me and said she could see no change. I suggested she look up how to clear her cache.

But I just uploaded her avatar pic as a favour and when I went to her frontend profile I can see that that Custom Profile field has reverted to its original setting of one selected item.
In admincp also it shows as just one selection now.

Jake Bunce

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That is something I would want to confirm myself. Registrations are closed on your forum. Can you give me a username / password to test?