XF 1.4 Custom Language Phrase.

How does one go about to create a custom language phrase?

Example create a new widget, call About US in English and then be able to translate that phrase to French?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Create a new language, call it French and translate the phrases you want.

If the widget doesn't have a phrase, this guide explains how to create one: How To...
Thank-you, that was simple, however when I display my custom phrase as a title, I get this {xen:phrase my_footer_about_us_phrase} not the actual wording.


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I don't know which widget you are using but it could be related.

Does the phrase work if you call it on the forum_list template, for example?
I am trying to use it in my theme footer box.

Basically you can enter any html code and I am trying to create an About US, but since my forums are bilingual I need a way to display About Us per language type.

So something like this for the title, followed by another Phrase with the remainder of the content.

<h3> {xen:phrase my_footer_about_us_phrase}</h3>

Is this possible?
I think I figured it out, if I add it in the styling preference, it doesn't work. I need to modify the actual template. Thanks for your help sir